By Nina Kikava - News - 1 month ago

Street Newspaper Is Launching Blockchain Platform

According to the Financial Times report, that was published on November 18, a street newspaper known as The Big Issue, is planning to launch blockchain-based platform, in order to make impact investing more popular. Impact investing refers to investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

As the report states, three investment companies will team up with The Big Issue and together they will develop a blockchain based platform called The Big Exchange. These investment companies are UK Standard Life Aberdeen, U.S. Columbia Threadneedle, and AllianceBernstein. The platform will offer customers 30-40 social and environmental impact funds.

On the platform, potential investors will have the ability to choose from a few sets of proposals such as gold, silver, or bronze score. Investors who are planning to use The Big Exchange will be charged with a minimum fee.

Blockchain is often the best decision for charity purposes. As we already know, blockchain technology is known for its efficiency and transparency. When we are talking about charity and donations, blockchain will ensure efficient, secure and transparent donations, where people who are donating money to some charity organizations will know exactly where their money is going and how it’s going to be spent. Also, blockchain reduces transaction fees, that is a breath of fresh air for people who are facing enormous fees when moving their money.

For example, large crypto exchange platform Binance raised money, in order to help people from Japan during floods that happened there in July this year. The platform was able to raise $1.42 million for Japanese people.

BNG mentioned the importance of blockchain in a lot of articles, stating that a lot of industries are already implementing blockchain in order to make their activities more secure, efficient and transparent.