By James Lawrence - News - 1 month ago

North Korea Set to Host Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference Next Year.

Wednesday, November 21, has reported that North Korea is set to host a blockchain and cryptocurrency conference early next year. According to the source, organizers say U.S. citizens are welcome to attend, despite a travel ban being in place.

The news comes from an official press release published by the official web page of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, stating the event will take place from the 18th to 25th April 2019, as mentioned above U.S. citizens are invited, although if you hold a passports from South Korea, Japan, and Israel or happen to be a journalist, it may be better to skip this conference.

News of the conference has also been covered by Ethereum World News and The Independent, perhaps due to the sheer absurdity of the event. A full schedule of the conference is available at the DPRK website, but let me assure you, it is chock-a-block, despite only 12 hours set aside for the conference out of seven days of activities and tour of the country. For €3,300 ($3,757 USD), conference delegates will receive an all-inclusive stay in North Korea, together with activities like skating, bowling, a visit to the DMZ, shooting, and shopping. The seventh day of the cryptocurrency conference schedule also includes a trip to the Daedonggang Beer Factory.

According to the announcement, among the organizing team is Mr. Alejandro Cao de Benos, Special Delegate for the Committee for Cultural Relations and President of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA). Who shared the event via Twitter, including a picture of the futuristic Pyongyang Science and Technology Complex, which one Twitter user, responding to the post commented: “The only building with the lights on in town, you cannot miss it”.

The frequently asked questions section of the event is a goldmine, on whether you can bring a laptop, smartphone or tablet, “Yes, but please note that any mass printed propaganda or digital/printed material against the dignity of the Republic is not allowed.” And for anyone wondering whether North Korea is safe, be assured, “The DPRK can be considered the safest country in the world. As long as you have a basic common-sense and respect for the culture and belief of other nations, you'll be always welcome and enjoy like thousands of friends we've been hosting for the past 28 years and engaged in cultural, sports, science or business relations.”

For anyone interested in the event you better act quick, the application deadline is February 10th, 2019. For attendees you have to send pictures of the main page of your passport, with your full address, telephone number and short CV-Resume (Stating studies, position, and work/company) to and they will get back to you. You can also visit Blockference for a full rundown of the event.