By Nina Kikava - News - 1 month ago

New Features Coming to Coinbase

According to a Coinbase’s official announcement, published December 17, the American digital currency exchange platform is developing a new feature on the platform, that will let customers convert their digital assets.

As the announcement states, the ability to convert will eventually happen only between top crypto assets on the exchange, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, 0x, and Bitcoin Cash. As we already know, Coinbase has its own iOS and Android applications for the platform, and according to statements, the service will be available there too.

Coinbase has been offering new features on the platform since December 10. Offerings were part of the promotion that was called “12 Days of Coinbase”. Coinbase even collaborated with Paypal to develop fiat withdrawal service. For now, the service of withdrawal is only available for the customers in the United States, but the company is planning on developing this feature for other countries as well.

Not like withdrawal service, the new service of converting assets will be available in 34 countries. As the company’s announcement states, the new feature is a quite logical development for the progress of the platform.

This year was not the first collaboration for Coinbase and Paypal. In 2016, the two companies introduced a service, where customers were able to sell their digital assets, and get money directly on their Paypal wallets.

Coinbase has already been in the sight of BNG, according to the report, that BNG posted on November 21, U.S cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase will face a court due to a lawsuit that was filed by users. The lawsuit was filed by Jeffery Berk, in order to address insider trading of Bitcoin Cash among Coinbase officials.