By Nina Kikava - News - 1 month ago

Nasdaq Is Planning to Launch Bitcoin Futures

According to the Bloomberg report, published on November 27, one of the largest stock exchanges, Nasdaq is planning to develop and then launch Bitcoin Futures, as it was planned in the past. It is considered, that the changes are going to be implemented in the first half of the year 2019.

Despite the fact that market and especially Bitcoin have been extremely volatile for the past week, Nasdaq still does not back down and plans to launch Bitcoin Futures yearly next year. The report published yesterday is quoting two people that are really familiar with this specific matter.

One of the anonymous sources that Bloomberg has, commented on this matter, stating:

“Nasdaq has been working to satisfy the concerns of the U.S.’s main swaps regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission [CFTC], before launching the contracts.”

Nasdaq made their plans clear about one year ago and announced that the launch of Bitcoin Futures will happen in the middle of 2018, but unfortunately, the plans did not work at the time and the launch was postponed for later.

Sadly, for Nasdaq, during this period the stock exchange made some competitors in this specific matter. Intercontinental Exchange Bakkt, is planning to launch physical Bitcoin January 24.

All of this news means, that recent events on cryptocurrency market do not frighten wall street. Quite the opposite, wall street is trying to get people to the point that despite recent breakdown, Bitcoin is still a very important part of the financial life of people all around the world.