By Nina Kikava - News - 4 weeks ago

Microsoft Releases Blockchain-Powered Cloud Computing Service

As the announcement states, published on November 15, major American software corporation Microsoft has already released completely serverless cloud computing service powered by blockchain.

The product called Azure Blockchain Development Kit is aiming to make Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Workbench’s working and abilities better. It has a variety of really good features, such as off-chain identity and data, monitoring, and messaging application programming interfaces, that will help in the future to develop blockchain powered applications.

The release, for now, is focused on a couple of main things including the connection of interfaces, integration of data and systems, and installation of smart contracts and blockchain networks.

According to the blog post, this service and product that Microsoft is offering their customers will make them able to connect to blockchain with user interfaces. The product, in addition, includes SMS and voice interfaces, Internet of Things (IoT) device integration, support for mobile clients, bots, virtual assistants etc.

A lot of people may need some guidance in order to use this development kit, and that is exactly why Microsoft also published a whitepaper, which explains how to use the development kit for blockchain based apps.

One of the most famous examples of Azure technologies being integrated into the commercial area is when in October this technology deployed into the stock exchange Nasdaq Inc.’s Financial Framework. This will make a lot of aspects easier for the buyer and the seller.