By James Lawrence - News - 1 month ago

Leveraging Blockchain to Assist Victims of Human Trafficking

Announced, Monday, November 19, in a PRWEB press release, RippleNami have partnered with Golden Faith Foundation (GFF) to strength humanitarian assistance for victims of human trafficking and other crimes. RippleNami will focus on leveraging their blockchain data visualization technology with GFF’s development tools.

RippleNami through blockchain technology allows people to connect, collaborate and make critical decisions, visualizing big data with mapping solutions. Golden Faith Foundation, is an NGO providing humanitarian assistance through rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked and other abused victims. Founded in 2017 in response to an influx in human trafficking and the many crimes that go with it.

Commencing this month in Palermo, Italy, a city which is estimated to have over “11,000 Nigerian women and girls are being victimized by this widespread epidemic [human trafficking], a 600% increase in trafficked victims over the last 3 years, in that region.” The initiative looks to return these women back to Nigerian society “as victors and heroes in their own right” through humanitarian assistance and entrepreneurial projects.

“Female victims of human trafficking are usually subject to reprisals and re-trafficking due to outstanding debt to traffickers,” says Oluwatobi “Tobi” Osobukola-Abubu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GFF. “They have to deal with physical and emotional trauma while encountering the associated stigma of trafficking from their own communities. Upon safe return, they are then dislodged from that sense of community necessary for reintegration into society. Working with RippleNami’s technology and industry partners, we can now connect these victims with the invaluable resources and services needed for a positive and sustained reintegration.”

“What makes this project unique is its multidimensional approach that focuses on the re-integration of survivors with enduring sustainability,” says Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “RippleNami’s enabling technology will advance three essential pillars of this initiative with GFF and its expert affiliates including: 1) the physiological treatment of trauma, 2) the business and financial education, as well as 3) the business development training through mentorship. RippleNami understands the elevated security risks that victims escaping trafficking face and through its data intake and management platforms, it exceeds industry standards by ensuring vital data privacy and security throughout the initiative.”

The news comes just after RippleNami was announced to be a finalist for the 4th Annual AppsAfrica Innovation Awards.

“RippleNami’s blockchain data visualization platform empowers individuals and organizations to generate, collect, analyze and transact data to ultimately establish ‘smart economies.’ This award comes on the heels of RippleNami launching Kenya’s first real-time livestock traceability programme enabling trade and food safety that leverages the mass adoption of mobile phones” says Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, “and we are fueling the change in Africa at a rapid pace.”