By Nina Kikava - News - 3 weeks ago

Is The Crypto Market Recovering?

Christmas and New Year are near and according to CoinMarketCap major cryptocurrencies are recovering after massive breakdown previous month.

The biggest cryptocurrency on the market Bitcoin is up by 4.68% and at the press time, it is trading at $4,226. On Friday it was almost $4,200 but has been down for the weekend but now it recovered again and as you can see it is trading above $4,200.

Second largest cryptocurrency on the market, Ripple has been up by 14% over the week and for now, it is trading at $0.420. At the start of the week price of the Ripple was $0.292 and as we already see it has been up ever since.

The third largest cryptocurrency Ethereum is up by 14.91% and at the press time, it is trading at $147.82. Yesterday, Ethreum started the day with being at $111 and it hit $133 at the end of the day, ever since it has been going up. The third largest cryptocurrency started a week with the price $87.

Overall, the market itself is recovering from recent events and a lot of other cryptocurrencies are going up as well, such as NEO, which gained 12%, EOS up with 12%. Also, Litecoin, IOTA and Ethereum Classic gained almost 10%.

Market capitalization of all the cryptocurrencies together is $144 billion at the press time. At the start of the week, total market capitalization was only $104 billion.

Most people in the crypto industry believe that the market is going to not only recover by gain more da more percents over the next year. Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin believes that the future of cryptocurrencies looks really bright.