By James Lawrence - News - 1 month ago

Irish Blockchain Industry Only to Increase

According to a Silicon Republic article published yesterday, November 20, You’re going to work in blockchain whether you want to or not. The title references a recent influx of blockchain and crypto industry in Ireland despite reports of the public being uninterested in the technology, a subject covered by BNG in Coinbase Opens Dublin Office Despite Majority Lacking Knowledge in Blockchain.

The report from Silicon Republic, is an Irish based online publication covering STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) fields since 2001, covers David Wachsman, founder, and CEO of Wachsman. Wachsman, as reported by BNG, commissioned a survey of 1000 people, carried out by Amárach, which resulted in 75 percent of participants saying they would not think of working in the blockchain sector.

As stated within the survey, they discovered that just over half of those who rejected the idea of a blockchain-related job cited a lack of understanding over what the technology is as their primary reason. Many also cited not having sufficient skills to work in blockchain. Those aged between the ages of 25 to 34 years were most keen to work in the sector, with men more likely to be interested than women.

According to David Wachsman, “Most people don’t know what blockchain is, that’s what our findings found. They don’t get it. To them, it’s simply some buzzword technology. That’s a big PR problem. It’s also a problem for companies that are building out in the space, and we have many here in Ireland who are doing that.”

Author Eva Short and Wachsman both believe the proliferation of blockchain technology as “inevitable as the tide coming in”. Citing a lack of understanding of the tech now doesn’t necessarily mean workers of tomorrow won’t “want to wade into it” for Short and Wachsman. Wachsman also suggests jobs will move from majoritively developer roles, where the industry currently sits, “Tomorrow, it’s going to be every company. I think [workers] are going to gain their skills by simply working with companies endeavouring blockchain.”

“Almost everyone today works at an internet company. The company itself may not be actually building websites but they probably have one. The company itself isn’t developing email applications but I guarantee you they use [them], or a chat app. Blockchain companies are going to be just like that in future. Blockchain will be a piece of the technology stack that people use every single day.” Wachsman continued.

Both suggest that Brexit will only mean growth for blockchain industry in Ireland. Short mentions that in general, jobs are increasing in Ireland due to Brexit, but this will grow with time. According to Wachsman, “Ireland is a very important part of Europe. It’s the only English-speaking EU country, and Britain is making damn sure of that. I would say that as a launch pad for Europe, it’s a vital place for companies to set up – blockchain companies [in particular] because it is such a borderless enterprise. So many of the applications of blockchain must be international, that’s what makes them so effective. This distributed database must be distributed.”