By Nina Kikava - News - 1 month ago

In Catalonia People Will Be Able to Vote Using Blockchain System

According to the report by Spanish daily newspaper La Vanguardia, published on November 19, the Catalonian government is planning to use blockchain-based system in order to make voting easier and more transparent. E-voting, electronic voting, is what they are aiming for.

Nowadays, we see a lot of news that is connected to blockchain integrating into various aspects of everyday life. For example, just a few days ago, BNG reported that collaboration between Spanish telecom operator and IBM will enable blockchain to manage international calls. Also, with the help of blockchain, society is addressing the problem of human trafficking, it is detailed in the article that BNG provided this morning.

Before this big news was announced regarding blockchain and voting, there was a mention about it in October this year, when the government decided to integrate blockchain into voting for people who are abroad. It was a preparatory decision to prepare citizens for the big news.

The system is expected to be integrated by the year 2020. Ismael Peña-López, who is the director of Citizen Participation of the Government of Catalonia commented on this matter:

“An interesting option is to use blockchain. [...] The Generalitat has not made a clear commitment to the blockchain and is still exploring what options there are before deciding.”

The government wants to be sure in the fact that the system will be reliable, efficient, and most importantly, transparent. Peña-López also added: “It's an issue of awareness. The Government is more respectful than a trade. I would like to think that we are able to convince people that [it] is reliable."