By Nina Kikava - News - 1 month ago

Carrefour Is Planning to Launch Food Tracking Platform In Spain Built on Blockchain

According to a press release, that was published on November 20, French multinational retailer company Carrefour is about to develop and launch food tracking platform built on blockchain. The platform will be based on Hyperledger, only in its Spanish network.

The food tracking platform will only include tracking poultry product. The first time when food tracking solution was mentioned and developed was when American large corporation IBM released their food tracking platform called Food Trust. As BNG reported earlier, In U.S. Googles company “Cargill” that equipped their turkeys with the tracking code that is powered by blockchain technology. When a customer scans this code, they get the whole information about bird itself and about the history of how it was raised. In this case of Carrefour, food tracking platform by IBM will be used in order to track free-range chickens that are branded under the name “ Calidad y Origen” (Quality and Origin). Chickens were raised in the northern region of Galicia without any kind of antibiotic treatment. Each package with the chickens will be market by QR code, and as with the turkey, by scanning the code you get whole information about the bird.

As BNG always states, more industries and companies realize the importance of blockchain in various aspects of lives. Even the multinational retailer Carrefour realized that blockchain technology is the key technology to supply chains. Blockchain allows customers to track their food, and always know what they are getting when they buy some kind of product. Everything is transparent and efficient and most importantly secure.

IBMs blockchain based food tracking platform Food Trust was joined by various retail companies not only Carrefour, but companies like Nestle SA, Unilever NV, and Walmart.

A lot of companies are using blockchain already, in order to make their actions more transparent and secure and also cut costs for customers and themselves as well. Blockchain even reduces time spent on food delivery. The U.S. fast-casual salad chain Sweetgreen is planning to track their salads the same way other companies are tracking their chickens or turkeys.