By Nina Kikava - News - 1 month ago

Building Mexican Border Wall With The Help Of Blockchain

According to an interview on NPR, that was published on December 12, Warren Davidson, who is Ohio Republican Congressmen proposed an idea, of funding the wall border for Mexico, with the help of blockchain technologies.

As we already know, from a lot of news sources, President of United States had a plan to build a giant wall on the border of Mexico, and he even made a statement that he will shut down the government if in the future Congress doesn’t pay for the wall. In the interview with NPS congressman Davidson, commented on this matter and stated that suggested the best solution for the payment problem, by offering the Congress to make some kind of crowdfunding in order to pay for the wall.

Davidson explained how he sees his idea evolving, and of course mentioned blockchain technologies while clarifying his idea:

“You could do it with a sort of, like, a crowdfunding site. Or you could even do a blockchain, and you could have wall coins. But you could raise the money. And frankly, if we get it right at the Treasury, you could even accept Mexican pesos.”

For now, Congressman did not take this idea in Congress officially. Davidson is well known, for this “friendly attitude” towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He always claimed that ICOs needed not so strict regulations, and he also was planning on introducing a bill that will make it able for ICOs to sidestep the country’s security law.

Also, Congressman announced his plans about issuing bill in order to regulate cryptocurrencies and ICOs more clearly. The plan that he has, included establishing asset class for cryptos and all the other digital assets, that way government would prevent digital assets from being classified as securities.

Ohio has always been a crypto-friendly state, earlier this year, in November it was announced that from now own, in Ohio Bitcoin will be accepted as the way of paying taxes from businesses.