By Nina Kikava - News - 1 month ago

Blockchain, Tool to Trace Electricity Generation

According to an announcement, that was published on December 17, ACCIONA Energía is planning to integrate blockchain in their company, in order to have the ability to trace electricity generation.

As the announcement states, with the help of blockchain, company’s clients will be able to check in real time and from any location in the world that 100% of the electricity supplied is clean. The project came alive with the help of collaboration between two companies ACCIONA Energía and FlexiDAO. FlexiDAO is a startup based in Barcelona, that offers software tools to electric power companies like ACCIONA for digital energy services.

ACCIONA Energía is a company in Madrid, developing renewable energy projects, including small hydro, biomass, solar energy and thermal energy, and the marketing of biofuels. It also has assets in the field of co-generation and wind turbine manufacturer. As it is known, the company is one of the largest renewable energy developers in the world.

With the help of this project, the company became the first to trace renewable energy using blockchain in Spain and Portugal. Director of Innovations of the company, Belén Linares stated on this matter:

“Blockchain technology can facilitate this service [tracing the renewable origin of energy] considerably to clients in any part of the world.”

This is not the first time when companies use blockchain in order to track their product for the clients and make it more secure, transparent, and efficient. As BNG stated earlier, French multinational retailer company Carrefour is about to develop and launch food tracking platform built on blockchain. The platform will be based on Hyperledger, only in its Spanish network. The food tracking platform will only include tracking poultry product. The first time when food tracking solution was mentioned and developed was when American large corporation IBM released their food tracking platform called Food Trust.