By Nina Kikava - News - 1 month ago

Yet Again, IBM Collaborating With Agriculture Firm In Order To Use Blockchain In African Agribusiness

According to the blog post that was published on IBM’s official website on December 11, American corporation IBM, known for its dedication to blockchain technologies, is collaborating with U.S. based agriculture tech firm named Hello Tractor, in order to improve African agriculture industry with the help of blockchain.

As the blog post states, Hello Tractor's mobile platform, helps farmers access tractor services whenever they need it. IBM is aiming to integrate blockchain technologies into the platform in order to improve its transparency and quality.

Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) will be integrated into the platform with the help of IBM researchers. Just like Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture, Hello Tractor’s platform will use IBM cloud. The Watson Platform for Agriculture was based on artificial intelligence.

As we already know, for a long time now, blockchain is used in cases when people and companies are seeking security, transparency, and efficiency and not only. So according to the statement, collaboration is planning to issue agriculture digital wallet featuring a blockchain based AI platform and as all the blockchain platforms do, it will provide transparency and security.

The collaboration and project itself will help a lot of issues in agriculture, including crop yield prediction by farmers, fleet utilization management and predictive maintenance, and compilation of credit portfolio for farmer and tractor owners.

As BNG, mentioned several times, IBM is always in the news about blockchain technologies and collaboration. The corporation has collaborated with various companies or facilities in order to integrate blockchain in numerous fields. For example, earlier in November, IBM collaborated with Colombia University, in order to launch two blockchain accelerator programs, that will help startups in the industry to innovate at scale.