By Nina Kikava - News - 1 month ago

A Collaboration Between IBM and Colombia University, What Will the Result Be?

As we've have seen American corporation IBM has been in a lot of news lately, collaborating with a few companies in order to develop something new and innovative. According to the company’s press release, published on November 19, another collaboration is on its way. This time IBM is teaming up with Colombia Univesity, in order to launch two blockchain accelerator programs, that will help startups in the industry to innovate at scale.

Earlier this summer, there was an innovative center built by IBM and U.S Ivy league. The center is called Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency. Both of the programs are representing the center.

If we read the press release carefully, we will understand that the collaboration is a really good way to help startups that are just starting their way in this industry. As the release stated, both of the programs will choose ten startups and start helping them. They will provide them with business mentors, technical support, access to Columbia's student talent and research community, design assistance, and IBM cloud technology resources. With these tools, startups will be able to achieve more success and become serious in their field.

Participants from both programs will get $400,000 worth of access to technology and services, which will make their work much easier and will make it more qualified.

Both of the programs will last for 8 weeks each. This first 8 weeks Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator will be in the New York city, it aims to help the companies that are at the stage of just having an idea, the companies that are affiliated with Columbia or other New York City-based school.

The second program, that is called IBM Blockchain Accelerator, aims to help companies that are past the “idea” stage. The program will help them with a lot of things, such as a business network and client base. The program will take place in both New York and San Francisco. Partly, it will be virtual programming, so that participant can have more time to make more effort for their business scaling.