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Tbilisi Regional Conference 2018

Have you ever thought of exactly when and how the innovative ideas are born?

During the past decade, technological development has seen unprecedented growth and improved our lives on so many levels. Now it’s time to think of different ways to combine human and technological capacities, and with so many possibilities out there, is there a limit to what we could achieve?

If you want to know what the latest technological innovations are, what the brilliant minds of the contemporary world are working on now, how the technologies might change the world as we know now and how exactly the idea of the liberty is linked with technological development, we have great news for you!

European Students for Liberty is pleased to invite you to its fifth regional conference #FreedomTech, at Expo Georgia (third pavilion), on November 24. Speakers from around the world will be talking about the idea of liberty from a different perspective- as a source and inspiration for technological development. Blockchain, bioengineering, AL and robotics, transhumanism, darknet, tokenization, these are some of the topics to be discussed and analyzed by Georgian Students for Liberty.

ESFL Tbilisi Regional Conference is the biggest student gathering of Caucasus region where hundreds of liberty-minded people come together to listen, to discuss the ideas and make new acquaintances and partnerships. Last year’s conference was attended by more than 900 students.

The guests will have the opportunity to attend the exhibition of the most successful Georgian start-ups and companies that will be presenting their products.

Traditionally, attending the conference is free of charge for the students, the only thing you need to do is register for it! To get the instant updates for the conference to check out the event and keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages. To register, go here