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MyCoins and eMoney

eMoney was the first and is the largest Georgian-based multifunctional electronic wallet that can be used anywhere in the world. The eMoney service is reliable and protected, and that is why more than two million people currently use it. eMoney was the first electronic wallet service in Georgia and has been storing money for nearly 11 years. Their popularity has grown proportionally to the explosion of cryptocurrencies over the past few years. is a multifunctional website that allows anyone a multitude of options with their digital resources from paying up to 500 service fees easily, shopping online, taking out or paying a loan digitally, receiving international remittances remotely. Up until the 11th of July, 2018 eMoney was also allowing customers to buy, sell, receive, and send bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

eMoney allows clients to deposit to their balances from a number of locations including a number of mobile services and physical banking branches such as Liberty Bank, Pay Express and TBC Pay among others. Deposits can also be made from Visa or Mastercard issued in Georgia

It is possible to withdraw money from eMoney via Liberty Bank and intelexpress services throughout Georgia, Liberty Bank's ATMs through electronic identification, or any Georgian bank account, or by transferring to any Georgian VISA or Mastercard cards.

eMoney aims to create a safe environment for consumers and tries to avoid possible damage from fraudulent actions. eMoney attempts to have control over the purpose and content of transactions carried out inside the system, and also tries to observe the behavior and activity of its users. Despite the company's efforts, there are still risks for users caused by the actions of third parties. To avoid this, one should be cautious when establishing business relations with other people. For their own safety, when a person decides to use the eMoney service, they should make sure to verify with whom are they transferring money to and from.

Despite this, according to a new law in Georgia, adopted in January 2018, payment service providers do not have the right to carry out operations related to cryptocurrencies. That’s why eMoney created a new, specially designed cryptographic currency website,, which is faster and easier to use.

MyCoins offers a full range of digital currency services to its customers and is planning to implement lots of interesting products in a short period of time. Therefore, one can still use the eMoney mobile application for cryptocurrencies, with built in MyCoins section, without any problem, and can also easily manage all the money on an eMoney and MyCoins account. However, it is now impossible to use the eMoney website for cryptocurrency related transactions. Cryptocurrency transaction can only be done with has some additional services that eMoney didn’t offer. For example ‘Stop Order’, which allows the system to perform an automatic selling or buying transaction of a particular coin when reaching a certain market price. This service secures the risks and saves a lot of time and energy for people who don’t have access to the computer throughout the day for checking the prices constantly. There is another feature called ‘Market Order’ in which the system automates an order to sell or purchase digital assets from the open market, a client can order with a specific rate or from a given range. Once placed, MyCoins will automatically match the order to the best counter-order found among other orders registered from users in the system. Although, it is important to note that ‘Market Order’ can be performed partially or fully , eMoney was the first electronic wallet that has been storing money for nearly 11 years in Georgia. It is used daily and appreciated by its users. eMoney has diversified services that meet international standards of security. is a new cryptocurrency exchange space. Set to replace crypto functionality from eMoney, MyCoins is a platform that allows users to manage their cryptocurrency operations in a streamlined and user-friendly way. With its blog page, MyCoins is constantly informing and educating their customers by posting monthly and weekly market analysis and sharing with them the industry news.